Spend A Penny

Spend a Penny Appeal

Haslemere Hall is seeking donations so that all four of the Ladies and Gents lavatories can have much needed improvements.

The four are:

Front of House Ladies, Front of House Gents, Backstage Ladies and Backstage Gents.

(There is also a disabled lavatory, but this is more recent than the others and is currently in an acceptable state.)

 The cost, is going to be of the order of:


Front of House Ladies                18,767

Front of House Gents                14,143

Backstage Ladies                      10,297

Backstage Gents                         8,763

Total                                      £51,970

These figures include: removing old water pipes, waste pipes and water tanks; rebuilding cubicles, new cisterns, and pans, replacement fixtures and fittings, re-plastering, re-decoration and generally making good. In addition the unsightly waste pipes on the front of the Hall will be removed and hidden inside.

Our plan is to raise the entire amount in the next six months. The building works will need to be co-ordinated in such a way that, at any time, there are sufficient useable lavatories. This will mean, for example, shutting one of the rooms and temporarily re-designating another, and allowing the disabled one to be available.

We may well have to extend intermissions to allow every customer sufficient time.

As I write, we have received donations of £12,000 for this project, so we are off to a great start.

This is a vital project which needs all our support

All donations, however wee, will be gratefully received

If you would like to contribute to our Spend a Penny Appeal, please find details below

Haslemere Hall “Spend a Penny” Appeal

There is more than one way to donate to the

Haslemere Hall’s Fund Raising Project to

Upgrade the “Ladies & Gents”

1)  By cheque:

Please send your cheque to WC Appeal, Haslemere Hall, Bridge Road, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27  2AS

2) BACS Payment:

Haslemere Hall       sort  code: 30-93-94          a/c no:33826860

3) JustGiving:


4) By Adding a payment in your basket when buying tickets OR via our donation page below: